Wireless control for spa from Gecko Alliance

spa settings

settings in.touch 2

In the Spa Settings page, you can access the following: in.touch network, temperature units, change spa name, technical info


in.touch network


In the spa settings menu, the in.touch network menu allows you to have access to information about the RF connection between the Home and the Spa transmitter.  To change the channel, please click on the channel line.  

You can also reset your channel to default.


change channel

The change channel page allows you to change the channel used by the two in.touch 2 transmitters.  

In some cases, this can help you to have a stronger signal.


Temperature units

This menu lets you change the units used to display (˚F or ˚C).


Change your spa name

change spa name

This section allows you to change the name of your spa


Technical info

Technical info

This section shows you information about your in.touch 2 software number and the revision numbers of all your system components


in.grid Heating Management

in.grid for in.touch 2

Heating management will appear when an in.grid is detected. You can change your in.grid heating management without the need to open the spa skirt to change the jumper. 

You can choose between 4 modes: 

  • Internal Heater
  • External Heater
  • Both
  • Smart

Lock your spa keypad

Lock your keypad with in.touch 2

he lock mode menu will appear when the feature is enabled in the low level of your spa control system.  A compatible keypad must also be used.

Compatible keypads are:

  • "Non-intelligent" keypad (Everything except in.k1000, in.k800 or in.k500)
  • in.k1000 keypad version 25.00 or higher


in.touch 2 settings

In the settings menu (up right corner), you can add a spa from local network, account informations, tutorials and terms of service.


Add a spa

Add a spa on your hot tub app

This page displays all the spas detected by your application. To detect your spa, you need to connect your mobile device to the same network to which you have connected your Home Transmitter.

Once you have made a connection with the spa, its name will be saved on this page to allow you to connect to it from anywhere.




The Account section gives you access to your account information.



This section gives you a quick overview of all your in.touch 2 application's functions.



Legal text - in.touch 2

You can have access to the legal notice of the in.touch 2 at all time by clicking on the "Legal" button or by following this link: https://geckointouch.com/legal 



Gecko Alliance patents

You can have access to Gecko Alliance's patents portfolio at all time by clicking on the "Patents" button or by following this link: http://geckoportal.com/corpo/#patents