To fully benefit from all the features and advantages of our new in.touch IC pro app for spa professionals...


... your dealers need to have as many in.touch 2 as possible installed on the spas of their past and new customers !


To support the marketing of in.touch 2 to spa owners and the subsequent use of the in.touch IC application by your dealers and technicians, we're


introducing the in.touch 2 showroom kit to promote in store purchases.


eye-catching countertop display with


+ 16
in.touch 2 box sets


+ 100 promo flyers
and 1 display holder


+ 18” x 60”
showroom banner


+ 28” x 46”
wall poster


  • The cost of each showroom kit is equivalent to your net price for the purchase of 16 in.touch 2 to which an additional “showroom” discount of 10% will be applied.

  • Note that we will add your logo on the flyers, banner and posters if you order 10 showroom kits or more.

  • Ordered kits can be shipped to your warehouse or be sent out directly to the dealers you’ll have identified.

  • in.touch 2 is compatible with Gecko’s Y and X series control systems, manufactured in or after 2012 (a sale potential equivalent to more than five years worth of spas sold).

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