product presentation


product presentation


In.touch 2 comes with 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters.


One being connected to your internet router and the second one being part of your spa system. 

RF signal for wireless spa and hot tub control

home transmitter
connects to your router

spa transmitter
connects to your spa system


Then, with its application, in.touch 2 transforms your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into your ultimate wireless remote control.

in.touch 2 by Gecko Alliance

You can get and download the iOS (8.0 or higher) and Android (2.3 or higher) in.touch 2 apps from the AppStore and the Google Play store. Search for « in.touch 2 » then click on it to install. 





in.touch 2 is available as a standard feature or as an option on best-selling models of major spa brands with its spa transmitter factory installed.

in.touch 2 home box

in.touch 2 can be easily installed as a standalone system on new or existing spas equipped with Gecko’s X and Y series control systems

in.touch 2 home and spa kit

Spa professionals can buy in.touch 2 complete kit through the Gecko Depot online stores.






in.touch 2 connects, integrates and performs in unison with spas equipped with Gecko’s X and Y series control systems manufactured in or after 2012.


in.touch 2 links seamlessly to Gecko's in.xm platform of controls and systems for spas.

in.touch 2 is totally compatible to all models of Gecko's new Y series of control systems.

in.touch 2 is the perfect companion of spas driven by Gecko's in.xe controls and systems.


Smartphones and tablets requirements

in.touch 2 iOS and Android apps are compatible with devices running iOS system 8.0 or higher or the Android system 2.3 or higher.


Router requirements

Any standard router with an available 100 Mbps (wired LAN) RJ45 port can be used The router must also have its Port 10022 open, which is normally a default setting. A 3-foot (0.9 m) Ethernet cable is included.

The in.touch 2 home transmitter will need a main supply (120V in North America, 220V in Europe) nearby to allow connection of the transformer.


Distinctly blue since 2001!
the true color of Gecko Alliance's control systems for spas