Frequently asked questions on the in.touch 2 home and spa transmitters.

What is the maximum distance possible between the home and the spa transmitters for the in.touch 2 to work properly?

On an open field land, the in.touch 2 can cover a 465 feet (142 meters) distance.  For such a distance, the best conditions must all be reunited.  On real applications, typical home backyards, the in.touch 2 can cover a maximum distance of 100 feet (30 meters).

It seems my transmitters are not paired. What can I do?

Usually, the pairing process is used when you need to replace one transmitter of your in.touch 2 kit. Otherwise, the in.touch 2 transmitters are shipped factory pre-paired. Click here to learn how to pair your in.touch 2 spa transmitter with your in.touch 2 home transmitter.

What do the LED colors mean on my in.touch 2 home transmitter?


What do the LED colors mean on my in.touch 2 spa transmitter?


What type of signal is used between the two in.touch 2 transmitters?

Radio Frequency (RF) is used to communicate between each module.

Is it possible to change my RF channel if I have a bad signal?

Yes, it is possible. In some cases, changing the channel will help to get a better RF signal. To do so, go to your menu, select settings, then in.touch network and you'll be able to change and test channels.

Click here for more info.

Is it possible to still use the in.touch 2 if I don’t have access to the internet. 

We don’t recommend to do it but yes, it is possible. Doing so, you may use a wrong version of the application without knowing it, causing an unusual running of your spa. Also, you won’t be able to update your in.touch 2 transmitters and application. The push notifications feature will not be available if your in.touch 2 is not connected to the internet.

What’s the difference between the original in.touch and in.touch 2?

The original in.touch was linked by Wi-Fi with your home router.  Now, with its pre-paired radio frequency (RF) home and spa transmitters, the in.touch 2 has a better and stronger connection with your phone or tablet.  The in.touch 2 is faster, easier to use and easier to install on your spa or at home.

I have the in.touch at home.  Is it possible to have an upgrade ?

With the introduction of our new in.touch 2, we will soon offer an upgrade program for owners of the original version.  This program will be effective this summer.  If you are interested to upgrade from in.touch to in.touch 2, simply complete the form by clicking here.

Is in.touch 2 compatible with my spa ?

in.touch 2 is compatible with any spa equipped with Gecko’s Y and X series control systems manufactured in or after 2012. in.touch 2 connects in the Co port of these systems, or through the Co port of connected accessories like the in.mix 300.

I have the original in.touch and I need your setup software. Where can I find it?

You may find the in.touch setup software for PC or Mac by clicking here