The concept behind in.touch 2

A connected spa


A connected spa


In our world,
everything is now connected.

We are in the Internet of Things, where everything is supposed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

But how do you find your way through the maze of the ever-changing technologies?


Easy for spa owners

Easy for spa owners


For spa owners who want to connect their spas to the internet, it’s easy to get lost in a large clutter of setups and configurations.

spa draw

Spa owners need a solution coming with the simplest of setups possible.


Nobody wants to refer to manuals or call an IT specialist anymore.


Spa remote control

Spa remote control


Introducing Gecko Alliance’s
in.touch 2 ultimate mobile remote control for your spa

In.touch 2 material for spas and hot tubs

in.touch 2 eliminates all the complexities of connecting your spa to the Internet and transforms your smartphone or tablet, into your ultimate mobile remote control.

in touch 2 on iPhone

  in.touch 2 comes with a state-of-the-art app and 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters.

Simplest of setups

2 prepared transmitters

in.touch 2 comes with a state-of-the-art app and 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters

One being part of your spa system and the second one, being connected to your Internet router.  Both RF transmitters are pre-linked to one another, enabling an immediate and perfect communication between you and
your spa.

Strong and long range signal

RF signal working

Thanks to a strong RF technology, your in.touch 2 is easily connected

Through our proprietary RF technology, in.touch 2 transceivers emit a strong, stable and long-range signal between your spa and your router (about 3 times longer than regular signal).  No need for repeaters or boosters: your spa will always remain within reach in typical backyard settings.

State-of-the-art apps

spa and hot tub app

For iOS and Android users

in.touch 2 streamlined iOS or Android application makes it very easy to control and program functions and features of your spa from your smartphone or your tablet, even when you’re away from home. Push notifications will always keep you informed on the status of your spa, even when your app is not open.


Distinctly blue since 2001!
the true color of Gecko Alliance's control systems for spas